August 27, 2015

Freebies #01 : TruCare Toothpaste

Assalamualaikum readers

Nowdays kemain aktif aku mencari online freebies . Setiap hari ade je abg posmen sampai depan pintu rumah bawak benda²  FREE ni , haha ... !

Freebies first yg sampai kat tangan aku adalah TruCare Toothpaste

Selalunya kalau freebies ni dorang kasi yg jenis sampler je . Tapi kali ni yg besar terus dorang hantar . TQ ... TQ ! Hikhik ~

"TruCare's Nano Silver Toothpaste (MOH Registration - NOT13041983K) is the ultimate all-in-one oral care solution that contains Ag+ RapidHeal Factor. Ag+ is known to heal ulcers, gum aches and sore throats within just a few days' use and helps combat microbes and pathogenic organisms that cause bad breath.

Used regularly, it will help accelerate the healing process of ulcers and other oral problems resulting in not only a fresher breath, but also rids your mouth of potentially harmful bacteria"

Best jugaq pakai ubat gigi ni . Wangi n fresh je mulut thumbs up

Kalau korang nak try jugaq freebies ni , isi form kat SINI ye =)

Thanks & Best Regards ,


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