September 4, 2012

We Girls .....

We girls ...
  • Take a walk in the house with a toothbrush
  •  Read the text on the shampoo bottle in the shower
  • Laugh at our jokes when we haven't even shared it with
  • Push the door when it clearly says "PULL"
  • We ask "what?" when we clearly understand everything
  • Hate it when the wind messed our hair up
  • Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything
  • Have to call our own phones to find it
  • Check the time on our phones when we are wearing a watch
  • Turning our pillow around so we sleep on the cold side
  • When we stay up late we count how many hours of sleep we will get
    Hahaha! This is sooo true ;-)

    ~~ thanks 4 reading tis \(^_^)/


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